wedding in Fermo, Marche

Winter Wedding in Fermo, Marche – Ludovica & Luigi

Winter Wedding in Fermo, Marche – Ludovica & Luigi

Italians are still afraid of Winter Weddings; the trio of Sun, Pizza, and Mandolins is in our blood, and we don’t have the courage to get married when the temperature drops and us greeted by gloomy colder days.

However, someone has seen the beauty of this season which only too rarely gifts us with a blanket of snow. The winter light is somehow mysterious and fascinating; it holds an aura of poetry which magnifies the expectancy; it’s like a whisper or a prayer floating in the air.

This is why, Ludovica & Luigi, whom you have already met on the occasion of their engagement shooting, are the perfect couple for a winter wedding.

Him: a broody poet with warm eyes; her: sweet, emotional, special.

A pearl gray dress by my dear friend Aurelio Ricospose, the wonderful shoes by Fendi that made me quiver (I am a shoe fanatic… if you haven’t guessed by now!) and red lipstick on Ludovica’s bee-stung lips: like a porcelain doll, so beautiful and delicate.

You have been amazing, you gifted me with wonderful emotions and made me feel at home. And I will always be thankful.

Location: Il Vecchio Mulino, Rapagnano (Fermo)

Abito: Ricospose, di Aurelio Biocchi

Rebecca Silenzi
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