Matrimonio a Fermo nelle Marche

Wedding in Fermo, Marche

Wedding in Fermo ||  Stefania & Gianluca

The day started off calm and relaxed. I had no doubts about Stefania’s kindness, which I had already experienced.

I was blown away by her peace of mind and tranquillity!

I thought she would have been panic-stricken; instead she managed to keep everything under control with no sign of the drama I am so used to see!

I have also met people I had not seen in ages like Pierluigi Mattiozzi for instance, an extremely talented hair stylist, who helped us to relax and enjoy with his ravishing and delightful personality!

Then I started shooting the details, the wonderful dress by the atelier Alida Giordani, the rings, the preparation… and it was love at first sight for her amazing and exquisite pink shoes; to die for!

Everything was in tune with this day in September with spring temperature!

I would like to highlight that all decorations were handmade by Stefania and Gianluca, their evening hobby!

Everything happened exactly as I like it, with spontaneity and fun!

I almost forgot! Villa Ester restaurant is wonderful location offering a breathtaking view of the sea; I’d recommend it to everybody who wish to celebrate their wedding in Fermo!

Exquisite, perfect in every detail! Enjoy the photos of the Wedding in Fermo!

Hair-stylist: Pierluigi Mattiozzi

Atelier: Alida Giordani Boutique

Restaurant: Villa Ester, Capodarco di Fermo

Second shooter: my lovely and irreplaceable Alessia Carboni!

Rebecca Silenzi
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