Pina & Massimiliano || Romantic wedding in Italy, Marche.

Romantic wedding in Italy, Marche.

I’ve known Pina and Massimiliano for a long time.

They were my neighbours but I know very little about them, also because it was virtually impossible to find them at home!

What I know is that Pina is a girl full of life, meticulous and good at events organization and anything that includes precision and joy. She is lovely, sweet, one of the best people I know. She lives in a world made up of love, made up of altruism and generosity. Sometimes it is difficult to think that a person like that really exists.

Massimiliano instead is the dream of every woman. He looks at her as if every time he looks at her for the first time, is so considerate of him. I always saw him calm and with a smile. Every time I met him a hug and two words were always safe, he was never in a hurry to leave and I never saw him on a wrong day. And nonetheless for Massimiliano, this marriage could have done easily even the day after they met, Pina took a long time to finally say YES! Their marriage was beautiful! A romantic wedding in the woods of the Fermano. The ceremony was held in a small church in the Marche hills, in Cerreto in the province of Fermo. Intimate, full of frescoes in a warm ocra colour. Then, unfortunately, given the torrential rain of the day before, the party that was planned in the woods surrounding the church could no longer be done and had to opt for plan B. But nothing has demoralized and removed the smile to these two guys. At the bottom is what I always say to all of you. It can go all as you have planned, or nothing. But the result does not change, and if you have the dearest people around you and your next love, everything becomes only an organization. But your party will always be a big party!



9 July 2016

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