New York engagement session

New York engagement session

New York engagement session

|| I Love New York ||

Walking around New York, where you're small but love makes you a giant.

I hear Silvia by phone to decide a date to do the prewedding and surprise... the coming weeks we would both be in New York!!
So, why not ??
It was a fairly fast service because both me and Silvia and Gerardo were there for vacation. 
We met after hours and hours of wandering around the big apple. 
While I was waiting for them, I saw people passing by, running, never stopping, never turning around or looking at you.
 I thought it would be bad to live in New York without a great love.
Love that looks directly into your eyes. Love that makes the frenzy of this beautiful city, much more acceptable.

I'll be back dear New York ... I'll be back!


Rebecca Silenzi
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